Khartoum (IP) - Several Sudanese people held a rally in front of the UAE embassy in Khartoum, the capital, to protest against interference in Sudan's internal affairs.

Iran PressAfrica: The Sudanese asked the embassy and some UAE diplomats not to interfere in Sudan's internal affairs.

The protestors announced that the intervention of some embassies in Sudan's affairs shows that the military government that emerged from the coup is weak and incapable.

Abdullah Yaqoob, one of the citizens participating in the protest, told the Iran Press in Khartoum: "Our message to the UAE Embassy in Sudan is that you have harmed the people of Sudan with your irresponsible interference because you are only pursuing your own interests, not the interests of Sudan."

Another protester, named Al-Tajani Othman says: "Ambassadors of foreign countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of our country. People can solve their own problems and Sudan should be treated based on common interests."


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