Tehran (IP) - Iranian parliament speaker said the recent events once again showed that the main organizers of the riots, i.e. the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mossad and their affiliated groups, are turning the protest into a riot and crime, and that the creation of a new group of ISIL is on their agenda.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in his pre- agenda speech at the parliament, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, in a public meeting on Sunday, referred to the martyrdom of a number of security forces in recent incidents, saying: "Recent incidents and events are a clear message and show once again that the main organizers of the riots, i.e. CIA, Mossad and their groups, are not looking for the results of the protestors' demands, but by turning the protest into a riot and turning the riot into a crime, the creation of a new ISIL (Daesh) is in their agenda."

He stated: "Iran's enemies could not infiltrate our country through the borders thanks to safeguarding of the borders by the Holy Shrine defenders under the command of former Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Qassem Soleimani, but today they have reproduced ISIL from within, and the main regret is that some cultural figures including artists, sport men or even the political characters support this new ISIL and help it survive.

The Iranian parliament speaker added: "I advise these people to listen to the news of these crimes and see the reality instead of only listening to the London based media."

Ghalibaf stated: "Let them see that these new Daesh, like the Daesh in Syria and Iraq, torture and kill innocent people for no reason, and like them, they proudly release the film of their crime and advertise on it. If they can, they will not have mercy to anyone. They have created such a suffocation in the virtual space that anyone who has acted against their wishes will face the worst insults."

He said: "They are trying to justify their crimes with the excuse that the security forces are killing the protesters, while the security forces are only equipped with special weapons to fight riots. The testimony of the police and other security forces during this period is the reason for this claim. These forces protect their lives against these criminals, but they do not use firearms so that people do not get hurt in the meantime. Not seeing these facts will bring a worse disaster than ISIL."

In the end, Iran's parliament speaker expressed hope that the security in the country will be fully established as soon as possible, so that the legitimate and necessary changes towards new governance in the economic, social and political fields within the framework of the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran begin.


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