Tehran( IP)- The Speaker of Iran's Parliament said that the terrorist attack in Shiraz proved that the enemies of Iran ambushed to divide the country.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in the open chamber of the parliament on Sunday, October 30, 2022, Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf said: "We advise people not to join the riots; it does not mean that the protest must be neglected."

An armed assailant member of the ISIS terrorist group on Wednesday in an armed attack on Shah Cheragh, the holy shrine of Hazrat Ahmad bin Musa (AS), in the city of Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province, southern Iran, led to the martyrdom of 13 people, including 2 children, and the wounding of 30 pilgrims.

Ghalibaf said that Shiraz's terrorist attack proved that the enemy had decided to destroy the security in Iran, and from today the intellectuals must clearly separate their ways from the rioters and criminals.  

He pointed out that people will witness the decisive actions of the Islamic Republic against these crimes.

Ghalibaf emphasized: The terrorist actions of Iran's enemies should not be used as an excuse to ignore the protests of the people. If the political and social groups had separated their way from the rioters, the enemy could not have taken the advantage to harm people." 

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Of course, part of this change is reforming the governance system within the framework of the political system of the Islamic Republic, which should lead to new governance, the parliament’s speaker underlined.

Ghalibaf went on to say that the re-establishment of security and peace in the country should not be used as an excuse to evade reforms and changing procedures.

Then, he concluded, it was up to the officials to eliminate weaknesses in the country's economic, cultural, social, and political governance.

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