Mass protests against high energy prices kicked off Monday in Leipzig, with the Left party and Alternative for Germany (AfD) being among the organizers, as per local media.

Iran PressEurope:  As of 17:44 GMT, some 2,000 people have already gathered at Augustusplatz in Leipzig city center to protest against the German government's high prices and social policy, the Leipziger Volksnachrichten newspaper said. 

"Since there is no bulky relief package, there will be strong protests on the streets. We are starting today in Leipzig and last week, we already had a demonstration in Frankfurt on the Oder, and we will have one in Erfurt on Sunday. There will be many other demonstrations in whole Germany. And these 'hot protests', I hope, will keep the pressure on the German government," co-leader of the Left party, Martin Schirdewan, said. 

Alternative for Germany party also announced demonstrations in Leipzig, calling on the government to cease the sanctions war that has been causing a sharp increase in prices. 

Last week, the German government agreed on a relief package worth $64.7 billion relief package, which includes continued cheaper public transport and tax breaks for energy-reliant companies, as they have been affected the most by the biggest surge in prices. The opposition sharply criticized the measures provided for in the package, calling them insufficient.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, Germany's inflation rose to almost 8% in August after declining slightly in the months of June and July.13 EU nations have either ceased getting Russian gas entirely or are only receiving a portion of it due to the temporary blockage of the Nord Stream pipeline 1, according to TASS.

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This is the third relief package by the German government this year. The two previous ones included a gasoline rebate that expired at the end of August, the €9 transportation ticket, and an energy price flat payment to workers.