Tehran (IP)- The Interior Minister of Iran said the Ministry of Education would not allow the enemies to advance their plans by benefiting from educated and revolutionary people.

Iran PressIran news: On the third day of the meeting of directors and heads of Iran's ministry of education, Ahmad Vahidi stated: Human resources are the most crucial principle of development, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is the leader of this development model.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Vahidi noted that education is the key to creating a sustainable future, adding: "Dealing with soft war is more complicated than other wars because of its nature, that is why those who are active in the education sector need to be equipped with how to deal with this type of war."

Interior Minister concluded: The authority and power of the Islamic Republic depend on the education of the new generation. In the statement of the second step of the Islamic Revolution, the need for everyone's attention to the serious matter of education is emphasized. 


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Expenditure on education; investment for advancement of generations