Gaza (IP) - One of the senior officials of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine slammed the normalization of relations between Turkiye and the Israeli regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: Turkiye and the Israeli regime agreed last Wednesday to resume their relations after four years.

In 2018, Turkiye had recalled its diplomats from occupied Palestine in protest against the Israel's military attack on Palestinians during the so-called return protests in Gaza and the martyrdom of dozens of Palestinians.

In an interview with Iran Press, the PFLP official Ahmad Kharis stated that the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, by announcing his support for the Palestinian cause and making intelligent efforts in this field, tried to exploit the matter to magnify his personality and reestablish the Ottoman Empire.

He noted that the PFLP did not pay much attention to the role of Turkiye and that it was aware that the Turkish regime was an ally of the Israeli regime and their relations were never severed and these relations have only become public now.

Kharis described the re-establishment of relations between Turkiye and the Israeli regime as a dagger in the body of the Palestinian nation and said that the Turkish nation has always supported the Palestinian cause, underlining that this normalization of relations for Turkiye would not result in anything but destruction.

He said that all trust in the normalization of relations with the Israeli regime would be lost in the face of the victory of the resistance axis, which starts from Yemen and ends by passing through Iran to Lebanon, Syria and Al-Quds.


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