Hamas member:

Gaza (IP) – A member of Hamas said that the normalization of relations between some Arabs and the Israeli regime is a betrayal of the cause and rights of the Palestinians.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with the Iran Press in Gaza about following up on the process of normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime during Joe Biden's visit to occupied Palestine and Saudi Arabia, Mahmoud al-Zahar stated that the normalization of relations is a betrayal of the Palestinian people who stand against the occupation of the Israeli regime.

He said that the process of normalizing ties is a betrayal of the blood of the resistance martyrs and the Arab and Islamic nations, but based on the divine promise, victory belongs to the Muslims.

He also criticized some Saudi scholars for supporting the process of normalizing the relations of some Arabs, including Saudi Arabia, with the Israeli regime and underlined that anyone who establishes relations with the regime has no place in Islam.

US President Joe Biden will visit occupied Palestine today (Wednesday), and after meeting and talking with the leaders of the Israel regime, he will go to Saudi Arabia.

The US president's visit to occupied Palestine and Saudi Arabia with the agenda of normalizing Arab relations with the Israel regime and pursuing other regional plots has faced adverse reactions from the people of the region as well as various popular groups and the Palestinian resistance.


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