Mohammad al-Halbousi, the Speaker of Iraq Parliament

Iraq (IP) - Iraqi Parliament says it is determined to prevent Baghdad from normalizing ties with the Israeli regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: UAE, Sudan, Morocco, and Bahrain put a blind eye on the Israeli regime's crimes in Palestine and normalized ties with the regime in 2020, an action that faced criticisms and protests across the Arab and Muslim countries. 

Mohammad al-Halbousi, the Speaker of Iraq's Parliament, highlighted the Palestinian issue as the decades-long priority of the country's agenda and said the situation in al-Quds and other occupied territories of Palestine requires adopting an Arab stance could lead to a transparent international position.

Members of the Iraqi Parliament's Legal Committee discussed a law to prevent the normalization of ties with the Israeli regime. Any political, economic, security, technical, cultural, sports, and scientific cooperation is criminal.


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