Tehran (IP) - 10-kilometer festivity of Ghadir is being celebrated by Shia Muslims and Iranians in Tehran.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Muslims celebrate the Eid al-Ghadir festivity in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Eid al-Ghadir is amongst the most significant feasts of Shia Muslims.. Eid al-Ghadir marks the day when Prophet Mohammad appointed Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Shia Imam, as his successor and the leader of Muslims some 14 centuries ago.



Shias in Iran commemorate the occasion in large gatherings this year after easing COVID restrictions, and various cultural and religious programs are being held on this occasion.

People were served by a variety of foods, known as votive among Muslims. 

The huge festivity of Ghadir has started on Monday afternoon and will continue till midnight.


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