Palestinian political expert:

Gaza(IP)- A Palestinian expert on Israeli issues said that the challenges imposed by the "axis of resistance" on Israel forced Naftali Bennett to resign from the position of the prime minister of the regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with an Iran press correspondent in Gaza, "Hassan Lafi" stated about the resignation of Naftali Bennett and the crisis in the Israeli political society.

" Naftali Bennett" preferred to leave the political scene so that his partner, " Yair Lapid, "would become the Prime Minister of Israel while hoping he would be prepared to face challenges.

This expert on Israeli issues stated that several factors, in addition to the political crisis within the Israeli cabinet, played a role in the resignation of Naftali Bennett, and the challenges imposed by the "Resistance Axis" on the Israeli regime accelerated his resignation.

"Hasan Lafi" stated that the political society of Israel was facing anarchy and said that early elections would be held again in occupied territories. However, there were still foreign challenges and threats to the Israeli regime.

This Palestinian expert emphasized that the Arabs do not benefit from relations with Israel, and the next Israel regime government will be weak and unable to overcome crises and challenges.

"Hassan Lafi" also emphasized estimates showing that Lebanon's Hezbollah will move towards imposing a new equation in the Karish gas field. This indicates that Israel is aware of the seriousness of Hezbollah's threats.

The Karish gas field is a natural gas reservoir in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is located near the much larger Leviathan and Tamar gas fields.


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