Tehran (IP)- Emphasising the importance of developing and deepening Tehran-Havana relations, Iran's President said, "Independent countries can neutralize the threats and sanctions of the global hegemons by raising the level of relations and meeting each other's needs."

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on Saturday while receiving the credentials of the new ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Alberto Gonzalez, Ebrahim Raisi stated that anti-imperialism and anti-oppression have brought the two nations of Iran and Cuba closer together, and said, "The close relations between the two countries have to increase in all areas, including economic, commercial and cultural sectors to serve the interests of the two nations."

The President stated that "sanctions" and "threats" have become the new tools of the dictators against the independent nations, saying, "In such situations, it is necessary that independent nations take advantage of each other's potentials and meet each other's needs to neutralize sanctions."

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Referring to the principles of revolutions and liberation movements in different parts of the world, Raisi said, "We have learned from Imam Khomeini to support the resistance of nations against injustice and oppression, and based on this, improving relations with nations that fight against domination-seekers is one of the definitive policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Emphasizing that Iran-Cuba relations are strategic, Raisi said, "Iran has strategic relations with all countries that are at the forefront of the fight against the hegemons."

After presenting his credentials, the new ambassador of the Republic of Cuba, Alberto Gonzalez, stated that Tehran and Havana have a solid and brotherly political relation, saying, "Cuba wants to increase the level of its economic and trade relations with Iran in proportionate to political relations."


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