Soomar (IP) - Head of Soomar Border Customs Organization of Iran announced a 440% growth in exports of goods via the border in the last 10 months.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade earlier announced that Iran's exports surpassed $40 billion within the past ten months.

Reza Fatemi-Amin stated that Iran has exported $35 billion during the last Iranian year, but exports exceeded $40 billion in the current year.

Behnam Deilami, Head of Soomar Border Customs Organization of Iran, said: "Exports from this border in the past 10 months have increased by 359 percent in terms of weight and 440 percent in terms of currency compared to the same period last year."

Deilami added: "The average daily export of goods from the Soomar Border is 214 trucks, including tiles, stones and ceramics, hardware, leeks, dairy products, detergents, nuts and disposable containers."

Heshmat Rezaei, the acting governor of Gilan-e-Gharb, also stated that the role of the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran in protecting the country's economic borders and providing services to the country and economic actors, especially in the field of exports and imports is irreplaceable and lasting.

Soomar is located 90 km from Qasr-e Shirin in Iran and has an 86 km border with Iraq.


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