Tehran (IP) - The Director of the Mustafa Foundation said that in the 4th edition of the Mustafa Prize ceremony on Tuesday, five scientists were honored.

Iran PressIran news: The Head of Mustafa Foundation Mahdi Saffarinia said that the Mustafa Prize would be officially held on October 21 at Tehran's Vahdat Hall, and the works of scientists would be explained at the ceremony.

At the press conference of the fourth edition of awarding the Mustafa Prize, Mehdi Saffarinia stated that during a two-year process, Muslim scientists and researchers' work were evaluated to award the selected scientists.

He highlighted that Mustafa Prize was supposed to be given to scientists whose innovative works were presented for the first time in the world.

The Mustafa Prize is awarded in the field of physics to the nominated Muslim scientists who are residing and working both within the Islamic countries and outside the Muslim countries.

Mustafa Prize event aims to identify and award the prize to Muslim scientists as well as to identify scientists and individuals who are able to produce work that serves humanity.

The first laureate in the field of All Areas of Science and Technology is Harvard University professor, Cumrun Vafa, for his work “F-Theory.” Cumrun Vafa was a candidate for the Fields Prize years ago.

The second laureate is Zahid Hasan for “Weyl fermion semimetals.” Zahid Hasan is originally from Bangladesh who is currently a professor at Princeton University.

Cumrun Vafa and Zahid Hasan share The Mustafa Prize in the field of Physics from All Areas of Science and Technology.

The next laureate is Mohamed H. Sayegh for “Novel Therapies to Improve Renal and Cardiac Allograft Outcomes” from Lebanon.

Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary for “Discovery of fascinating molecules with therapeutic applications,” is another laureate of this round.

Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary's expertise is in organic chemistry. He has received Khwarizmi Prize from Iran years ago.

Yahya Tayalati for “Observation of the Light by Light Scattering and the Search for Magnetic Monopoles,” is the next laureate.

Tayalati’s research has contributed extensively to the realm of dark matter and dark energy.

Mohamed H. Sayegh, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, and Yahya Tayalati are the 2021 Mustafa Prize laureates from Islamic countries.

In the three previous editions, more than 270 scientists from 33 countries were invited to the final stage of the Mustafa Prize ceremony, with 9 scientists from Iran, Singapore, Turkey, and Jordan were honored.

The press conference of the fourth edition of the Mustafa Prize was held with the presence of the director of Mustafa Foundation Mehdi Safarinia, and the Head of Biotechnology Science and Technology Department of Mostafa Award Hossein Naderi Manesh in Tehran on Tuesday.

Hossein Naderimanesh, a member of the scientific committee of the Mustafa Prize, introduced the award winners.

He said Muslims used to be the pioneers of science and technology, following the guidance of Prophet Mohammad.

“This prize emphasizes the importance of science in Islam and recognizes Muslims who play a key role in the development of science and technology around the world,” he added.

He said there are two ways through which the Mustafa Prize laureates are selected. One way is that elites nominate scientists. The nominee must have scientific work which can be in the form of a theory. The second way is that we discover the prominent scientists ourselves.

For this round of the Mustafa Prize, “515 works were received on the whole, out of which 484 works entered the primary evaluation and 213 were selected in the secondary evaluation. In the final evaluation, 41 works were chosen. Finally, 5 laureates were selected,” he announced.

“The national jury consisted of more than 100 members. In the final evaluation, 150 international members joined the jury. On the whole, about 250 national and international experts evaluated the received scientific works,” Naderimanesh continued.

“The evaluation process took 20.000 hours,” he added.


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