A Mustafa Prize winner has said that science is a gift of God, bestowed to mankind to bring peoples of different nationalities together to work together.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, the 2019 winner of Mustafa Prize, Hossein Baharvand said: "Science is a gift of Allah, a good common point to bring people especially Muslims closer together."

Hossein Baharvand who received the award for his pioneering research in stem cells said: "The Prize considers the fact that science can bring different peoples from different countries together."

He said that he would like to focus on establishing a global academy to work on future medicines including personalized, regenerative, and cancer medicines, as well as brain and cognitive science and tissue engineering.   

In the third round of Mustafa Prize ceremony coincided with the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on Monday, top 5 leading Muslim scholars and scientists were given the awards.

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The laureates receiving the award were Ali Khadem ul-Hosseini, Hossein Baharvand and Mohammad Abdol-Ahad from Iran for their research studies respectively on nano-bio hydrogels, stem cells, and new ways of cancer diagnosis; and Oudgore Shahin and Imran Enan from Turkey for their research studies respectively on anti-cancer therapeutic vaccines and wave and particle interaction near Earth.

The Mustafa Prize, approved by Iran's High Council of Cultural Revolution in 2012, to promote scientific and technological cooperation and development among Muslim nations.

The main focus of the Mustafa Prize is identifying and introducing the bests of science and technology of the Muslim world who are nominated from among Muslim scholars.

The Mustafa Prize is awarded to nominees in four categories of communication and information, bio-medical, nano-technology, and general.  207/211

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