Tehran(IP)- Tehran's deputy police chief commander stated that the first Law Enforcement Collaborative Vaccination Center was set up in Tehran with vaccinating 700 people on a daily basis.

Iran PressIran news: Specifying to more than 60 vaccination centers in Tehran,  Tehran's Deputy Police Chief Commander Hamid Hadavand told Iran Press: "We are all trying to make the country safe and cut the coronavirus chain with nationwide vaccinations.

Expressing hope that in the future to open more collaborative vaccination centers, Hamid Hadavand said: "Will try to increase the daily capacity and vaccine injection to a thousand in a day.

Law Enforcement has escorted more than 40 imported vaccine shipments and delivered them to medical centers, Hadavand added.

The opening ceremony of 'Law Enforcement first Collaborative COVID-19 Vaccination Center' was held in Tehran with the attendance of Tehran's Deputy Police Chief Commander Hamid Hadavand and the head of the headquarters for the management of operations against coronavirus in Tehran Alireza Zali on Wednesday, September.8, 2021. 

The aim to increase collaborative vaccination centers is to accelerate vaccination to eliminate the disease.


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