Tehran (IP)- In his visit to Rasul-Akram Hospital, Iran's newly appointed Health Minister highlighted his main priorities to contain COVID-19, adding that vaccination must be accelerated and completed by February 11, 2022.

Iran PressIran news: In response to Iran Press on Thursday, Bahram Eynollahi noted that though the vaccination process prevented and lessened the death toll of COVID-19 or other lethal diseases, it did not prevent infection at all.

Eynolahi said: "Smart quarantine and lockdown should be implemented and in the near future getting a plane ticket or hotel will be possible only through presenting a vaccination card."

Iran's newly appointed Health Minister, Bahram Eynolahi, referred to other health plans and said the other priority to be implemented besides the nationwide vaccination was to make the National Task Force for Combatting Coronavirus Headquarters stronger than before.

Eynolahi also stressed: "Today we are facing a painstaking crisis, you remember the flood occurred in the country, but people with empathy controlled and overcame the phenomenon, so with togetherness we can contain the virus as well."

The Health Minister also noted that it was necessary to get double doses of the vaccine. After receiving the second dose, the country would be safe, hoping that the disease would be contained until February 11, 2022.

Bahram Eynolahi also emphasized implementing all health protocols and social distancing even after the nationwide vaccination because if they were not observed, re-infection would rise. 

Army, Basij (volunteer forces), and the Red Crescent Society have helped medical staff accelerate vaccination by offering brilliant nonstop servicing since the outbreak of the disease.


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