Tehran (IP) – The Spokesman for the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) denied any hijacking of the Afghan plane en route to Ukraine, saying just two planes of the Afghan Kam Airliner landed and were refueled in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, Mohammad Hassan Zibakhsh noted that there were two flights to Iran from Afghanistan, one on August 18 and the other on August 23. 

Zibakhsh said the August 18 flight of Kam Air took off from Mashhad airport at 9 AM and was forced to land in Urmia airport at 11 PM due to Turkey's abstention to let the airliner into its sky. 

After refueling, the plane left Urmia airport at 3:30 AM on August 19 to Uzbekistan's Tashkent and landed there at 6:45 AM, with 25 onboard. 

Concerning the August 23 flight of Kam Air, the spokesman said that the Afghan airliner's Kabul-to-Kyiv plane left the Kabul airport at 11:30 AM and requested for landing in Mashhad Airport Iran, at 1:07 PM due to not fueling in Kabul.

"The plane took off from Mashhad to Kyiv at 5:56 PM after refueling and landed at Kyiv airport at 9:09 PM Tehran's time," he went on to say.

The spokesman for the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (CAO)rejected any hijacking and that both planes were Afghanistan's and not Ukrainians'.

He pointed out that Iran's CAO would sue those who spread the rumor of hijacking Ukrainian planes. 


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