Karbala (IP) - Beinolharamein in Holy Karbala during these days' mourning period, especially in Tasu'a and Ashura of Imam Hussein (PBUH), has been home to the pilgrims of Imam Hussein.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sorrow and mourning of the lovers of Third Shia' Imam have overwhelmed the Holy shrines of Imam Hussian (PBUH) and Hazrat Abalafazl (PBUH) in Karbala.

Since the very beginning of the Month of Muharram Husseini (AS), the Mawakib and mourning processions were set up in Karbala, and the peak of mourning for Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions is on the day of Ashura (Muharram 10th) in Beinolharamein.


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