US (IP)- Nearly half of new coronavirus infections nationwide are in just five states, a situation that is putting pressure on the federal government to consider changing how it distributes vaccines by sending more doses to hot spots.

Iran Press/America: New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey together reported 44% of the nation's new COVID-19 infections, or nearly 197,500 new cases, in the latest available seven-day period, according to state health agency data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Total U.S. infections during the same week numbered more than 452,000.

The heavy concentration of new cases in states that account for 22% of the U.S. population has prompted some experts and elected officials to call for US President Joe Biden's administration to ship additional vaccine doses to those places. So far, the White House has shown no signs of shifting from its policy of dividing vaccine doses among states based on population.

CNN also reported: "President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he expected all states to open Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to all adults by April 19 and at the current pace of vaccination -- about 3 million doses administered each day, every adult in the United States could be vaccinated by mid-summer."


COVID-19 has killed more than 555,000 people in the US, according to the Johns Hopkins University tally, but more than 167 million vaccine doses have been administered in the country. Four in 10 Americans have had at least one vaccine dose, a rate far ahead of most countries.


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