Iranians win enemy's soft, economic war: Veep

Ahvaz (IP) - Referring to the cruel and unilateral actions of the United States in withdrawing from JCPOA, Iran’s First Vice President said that the Iranian nation won with its intelligent resistance against soft war and the full-scale economic battle of the enemy.

Iran Press/Iran NewsEshaq Jahangiri on Saturday night at a meeting of elites, youth, and social and cultural activists of Khuzestan in Ahvaz added: "The enemy and the President of the United States, by leaving JCPOA(Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), did his best to surrender and bring the Iranian nation to its knees."

He noted: "The enemy even sabotaged the import of food and medicine and blocked the money of the Iranian nation, but could not achieve its goals with these maximum pressures."

Jahangiri stated that the enemy, foreign media, and the opposition of the Islamic Republic insinuate that the government and the system are not able to solve the problems and said: "The government is able to solve the economic and livelihood problems with the support and determination of the nation."

He stated that the enemy is trying to pump despair in our society, adding: "Anyone who promotes pessimism and despair in the future of the country has moved in the enemy's direction and the elites should not be indifferent to the enemy's tricks."


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