Tehran (IP) - The chairman of Iran's Red Crescent Society said that the first action of the body was to carry out the 'Health Commanders' project throughout Iran, in which 13,000 Iranian young people engaged seriously, with over 4,300 health centers were created in the country.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Saturday, the Red Crescent Society has acted as a body to help the Ministry of Health during the coronavirus crisis. 

Hemmati pointed to the quarter-oriented project of confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, with the cooperation of the health ministry and Basij Mostazafin institute, the Red Crescent Society mobilized 20,000 of the country's youth membered in the body.

Structuring the project is completed and its supervisory has been assigned to Red Crescent Society after a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Minister of Health, he said, adding that the supervision task is currently being carried out in a 3-people group from the body and ministry, Hemmati explained.

With regard to the hospitals and the exhaustion of the medical staff, he said the launch of recovery centers in the form of Martyr Soleimani headquarters are on the agenda of the health ministry and Basij Mostazafin.

The chairman of the Red Crescent Society added that the places the body can set up the recovery headquarters and their capacity has been announced to the ministry of health and Basij Mostazafin institute.


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