Tehran (IP): 'Silk Road Calligraphy' will be held on Tuesday in the virtual gallery of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to the public relations of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, 20 calligraphical works by famous master ‘Bahman Panahi’ and 20 others by Chinese artist ‘Nooruddin Mi Guang Jiang’ will be put on a show in this exhibition.

The content of the exhibition which is going to be held in the tomb of the great Iranian poet ‘Abolghasem Ferdowsi’ in Tus city is mostly based on religious and Quranic works.

Bahman Panahi, who has the experience of participating in various exhibitions, festivals, training courses and concerts around the world as an Iranian calligrapher said: "For the first time, these global measures are taken in the form of two-person exhibitions with a special approach in the field of calligraphy, and this time it happens with a world-renowned master."   

Panahi has also taught at various educational centers in Paris as a visiting professor and has worked with prestigious universities, including Harvard.

‘Noureddin Mi Guang Jiang’, the other artist, has been the first Chinese to receive the prestigious calligraphy certificate award in Egypt in 1997. Noureddine was also named as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World from 2009 to 2019 by Georgetown University in the United States.


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