Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said that Zarif's visits to China are going on after they are finalized. Some premature speculation leads to perception.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Khatibzadeh stated that diplomatic trips have their protocols. There is currently no immediate plan for Mohammad Javad Zarif's trip.

The assassination of Gen. Soleimani won't be forgotten and forgiven.

Regarding the assassination of Gen. Soleimani, Khatibzadeh said: "What happened was not only against Iran but also against the national sovereignty of Iraq. The US treatment of Iraq as an occupied country conflict with the national dignity of the Iraqi people and the resolution of the Iraqi parliament confirmed this view." 

He added: "This issue has been pursued jointly between Iran and Iraq since day one. We hope that the Iraqi government will fulfill its obligations. We have pursued the legal and international aspects in various forums, and it will not end here. We are not threatening, and we are acting, and what happened that night will not be forgotten and will never be forgiven."

Iraqi PM Fuad Hussein's visit

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry also said about Iraqi PM Fuad Hussein's visit: "The visit is a normal visit between two nations. Iran rejects the attack on diplomatic facilities. Iranian facilities in Iraq have been attacked in the past few months with the intervention and provocation of some foreign countries. In the middle of the night, Gen. Soleimani was cowardly attacked by the US terrorist attack. We asked the Iraqi government, as the host, to make every effort to prevent these attacks and take practical action."

Iran won't tolerate disrespect to Ayatollah Sistani.

He also added in response to a question: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is a system formed based on the role of Marja (high ranking religious authority), and the Marja has been the guardian of peace, stability, security and tranquility in Iraq. Ayatollah Sistani has an irreplaceable role in Iraq, and what we have said and are saying is the will of all the pillars of the system, that we have nothing but respect for this pillar, and we will not tolerate anyone violating the position of high ranking authority."

Lebanon's issues must be resolved in Lebanon. 

In response to a question about the recent developments in Lebanon and PM Adib's resignation and French President Macron's remarks that France is cooperating with Iran on the situation in Lebanon, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stated: "The issue of Lebanon is internal and must be resolved in Lebanon."

The spokesman noted: "I know the Prime Minister-designate personally, but what happened must be pursued within the framework of the will of the Lebanese people and the Lebanese internal equations. It is good for any actor and country to be able to help this process, but it is up to the Lebanese people to solve this."

"The issue of Lebanon is the issue of terrorism, the issue of cowardly US sanctions in the middle of the political negotiations to resolve Lebanon issue, and the involvement of some countries in the region with a clear agenda."

Iran supports inter-Afghan dialogue.

In response to a question, the spokesman stated: "Afghanistan has always been a constant issue in Iran's neighborhood. Unlike countries that bomb innocent people and occupy Afghanistan under false pretenses, and today hold talks to escape, we support inter-Afghan dialogue."

"The Afghan constitution is essential as an achievement of the Afghan people. Any behind-the-scenes deal cannot destroy minority rights in Afghanistan.

Iran calls for a cessation of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In response to a question, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "We have been trying for decades to resolve the issue in the bilateral atmosphere between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Iran has good relations with both capitals. Our position has always been maintained, and we will help both countries in the practical path of resolving the dispute."

"What we are witnessing today is an unwarranted and tense conflict between the two countries, and we call on both of them to immediately cease hostilities. There is no more practical act than this in the current situation."


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