Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has emphasized that the maximum pressure of the United States against the Iranian nation in the political and legal arena has turned to the maximum isolation of the United States.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the cabinet meeting on Sunday evening, Hassan Rouhani noted: "Today, September 20, will be a memorable day in the history of our diplomacy. The United States, as a world bullying power, has begun a relentless effort to re-impose the Security Council sanctions on the Iranian people, and especially in a trend, it was pursuing in recent months and over the past month which it has reached a certain point of failure today."

"The Americans have been trying for the last two and a half years to form a so-called coalition of the international community against Iran," he said, noting that from the day they withdrew from the nuclear deal, the Americans thought that they would soon attract the European Union to their side, and they thought that with their provocations, Iran would take steps to give the necessary excuse to the US to return Security Council resolutions.

Rouhani went on to say that fortunately, the United States has failed at all stages during this period, and faced the negative response of the international community, even its traditional allies. "The United States has not been able to form a coalition against us and in the past month, an attempt has been made to prevent the lifting of Iran's arms embargo and to prevent the lifting of arms embargoes in the next month, in which it also failed," he added.

The President emphasized that the maximum pressure of the United States against the Iranian nation in the political and legal arena has been turned to the maximum isolation of the United States, adding that in the world of diplomacy today, everyone is witnessing that the United States has failed three times in the Security Council in a row in the past month.

Rouhani stressed: "We saw that in the Security Council, 13 out of 15 members of this council stood against the United States and supported the JCPOA and did not accept the opinion of the United States. Of course, the United States had been striving since a month ago for the so-called use of the snapback mechanism, an unreasonable statement that was unacceptable to anyone in the world."

The president noted: "But the way the Security Council adopted it was a valuable one, that is, it ignored the US request and the letter, and the fact that the Security Council did not hold any meeting at the request of the US was the best way it dealt with the US."

The President emphasized: "As the President of Iran, I declare that if the United States wants to use its bullying and take a wrong action to return the resolutions that no one accepts, we have a decisive answer, and it is quite clear that Iran has not succumbed to the bullying of the United States at any point, and at this point, it will stand up to the bullying of the United States."

Rouhani added: "I consider it necessary to commend that the members of the Security Council who resisted the illegal and irrational request of the United States this month in August and September, Indonesia as the former chairman of the Security Council and representative of Niger, the current chairman of the Security Council, for their resistance to the illegal actions of the United States."

The President said: "I would also like to thank Russia and China, which stood firmly and powerfully against the irrationality of the United States, both in the past and in this period, as friendly countries, as well as other members of the Security Council, European countries and others. I must appreciate the countries and all 12-13 countries that supported Iran and stood against the United States.

He noted: ‌"I declare once again to the P4 + 1, if the 5 countries that remained in the nuclear agreement today comply with all the agreements and principles that we committed in this agreement, we will fully fulfill our own commitment. The reason we reduced JCPOA-related commitments was that we waited a year and the P4 + 1 did not respond positively to us economically.

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The President noted: "Although they have always taken good positions legally and politically because they could not or did not want to act fully in the economic field, we also withdrew from our obligations, but whenever 5 countries are ready and meet all obligations, we will return to our fulfillment obligations again."

Rouhani added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always fulfilled its international obligations, but it has never been willing to take on the burden of a unilateral agreement in a situation whose balance is disturbed."

He said: "All the successes we have had so far in these two and a half years are due to the endurance and resistance of the great nation of Iran. They thought that by putting pressure on the people, the people would give in to their coercion. We achieved it despite the pressure on people's lives."

"In the world of diplomacy today, everyone is witnessing that the United States has failed three times in the Security Council in a row in the past month," the president stressed.     207

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