Iran's Foreign Ministry:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry, in response to the US fruitless move to reactivate sanctions against Tehran, called the United States as the greatest threat against the world's peace and security.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Sunday that the United States had been falsely claiming the return of UN Security Council sanctions resolutions against Iran; still, the US request as a non-member of the JCPOA to begin resuming sanctions has been fundamentally rejected by the Security Council, a process that has never started today.

The statement added that the US Secretary of State himself knew that his claim about the return of sanctions imposed by the Security Council was baseless, invalid, and without legal effect.

"And that is he has taken measures to intimidate and threaten the countries to impose sanctions inside and outside the country. The best evidence is the US acknowledgment of its failure in the Security Council," stressed the statement.

 According to the statement, Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises the US President not to further isolate himself and his country internationally by following the advice of ignorant people who are unfamiliar with the global developments.

The statement concluded that the US approach posed a significant threat to international peace and security and an unprecedented threat to the United Nations and the Security Council, stressing if the United States, directly or with the cooperation of a handful of its allies, take a single measure along with these threats, it will face a severe reaction and it will be held responsible for all its dangerous consequences.


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