Tehran (IP) -Secretary of the Iranian Association of Airlines stated that the resumption of activity of a new airline and also increase of scheduled flight programs to the three European countries take place gradually.

Iran Press/Iran news: Secretary of the Iranian Association of Airlines Maghsoud Asadi-Samani said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has launched its weekly flight to Amsterdam after the coronavirus and it is more under control. In addition, routine and scheduled flights of Iran Air to London and Paris are taking place in a scheduled manner.”

Regarding the health protocols over containing coronavirus, he said the Netherlands has announced health protocols for flights to Amsterdam, which should be strictly observed on passengers, and these health protocols include passengers who have a Schengen visa or a European residence permit and similar cases,” the Iranian official said.

In his remarks, the secretary of Iranian Association of Airlines pointed to the Iran Air’s flights to Germany and Frankfurt saying: “Germany has not yet allowed the start of scheduled flights but Iran is in talk with German officials to resume Iran Air’s flights to this European country.”

Due to the economic problems, Germany and some other European countries are alleviating tough lockdown terms and  it is likely that Iranian flights to other European countries soon take place as scheduled.”


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