Tehran (IP) - Iran's President praised the efforts and measures taken by the great nation of Iran in the fight against the novel Coronavirus in a commemoration ceremony held for the Teacher's Week.

Iran PressIran News: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday evening at the Teacher's Week commemoration ceremony, which was held as a video conference in Shahid Beheshti Presidential Hall, praised the efforts and measures taken by the great nation of Iran in the fight against the novel Coronavirus, including the efforts of health care workers, teachers, and other social classes.

Stating that the position of teacher is very high, the president said: "The first teacher in what we see in religious texts and in the Qur'an is God Himself, and the beginning of human creation was essentially accompanied by God's teaching. That is, God, became the teacher, and Adam became his disciple."

He said that the position of a teacher is first and foremost belongs to God and then to great prophets.

"Everything we have in life from ethics and education and skills and knowledge, most of it comes from education and teachers," he added.

The president said: "The first class for us is the home class, and the first teachers to see the children of the community right after their birth are fathers and mothers, and then it comes to the school class and the teachers who have a high position and if a country becomes happy and can grow, the roots go back to education and the classroom.

President Rouhani said: "The atmosphere that has been created these days due to the Corona outbreak and part of the education is done through the Radio and Television or the Cyberspace Network that we have, this is the least that can be done although they can not really compensate for the classroom and the teacher and the school environment.

Teacher, Scholl and Classmate”, beautiful memory for all

"The school environment and the acquaintances and teachers taking care of the students who are together, and the word “classmate”, is an important point that remains a beautiful memory for all of us throughout our lives," Rouhani said.

"We always remember the days when we were in elementary and high school and college with teachers and classmates, and the memories we have, but cyberspace and radio and television cannot fill that void," Rouhani added.

The President reminded: “We should remember that one of the most honorable teachers in the history of the country, is martyr Motahhari, and Teacher's Day have been named after him these days. 

"Martyr Motahhari is honored because he was one of the exceptional personalities of history and one of the high-ranking students of Late Imam Khomeini’s school of thought," President Rouhani emphasized.

Rouhani went on to call Martyr Motahhari as a unique figure both in-depth of knowledge and science, as well as in morality and religious zeal.

He also called the works of Martyr Motahhari as the best answer for culture and society and as well as answers for the questions of the present and past. 


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