US abuses Coronavirs crisis to support terrorists in Syria

The Syrian and Russian governments warned of the US supporting terrorist groups in Syria under the cover of providing humanitarian aid to asylum seekers.

Iran PressMiddle East: In a joint statement, Syria and Russia announced that the US abuses the Corona crisis to support the terrorists under its command, in the form of sending corona-diagnosis kits to Rakban camp of asylum-seekers. 

The Syrian and Russian governments also stated that the catastrophic situation at the Rakban refugee camp is the result of the US illegal occupation and demanded the return of the refugees to their homes in Syrian-controlled territories.

The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Maria Zakharova warned about the spread of the Coronavirus across Syria, noting that the US is responsible for the lives of the Eastern Euphrates residents and Washington must meet the medical and healthcare needs of the people in the area. The Rakban camp, which hosts 25,000 Syrian refugees, is under the control of US forces, making it almost impossible for the humanitarian aid staffs to access the camp.

Despite the US announcing its troops’ withdrawal from Syria earlier, the US military forces still are present in different parts of the country, continuing military operations without the permission of the Syrian government and UN and provide the terrorist with aids.


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