Repeated US Human Rights unfounded allegations against Iran

Tehran (IP) -The US State Department reiterated its unfounded allegations against Iran by releasing a report entitled 'Annual Human Rights Report' for 2019.

Iran Presscommentary: In this report, the US State Department has accused Tehran of violating the rights of women and minorities and suppressing the opposition.

Foreign Ministry spokesman lambasted the US State Department's annual reports on the status of human rights in Iran.

Abbas Mousavi stated on Friday that a regime that officially assassinates, hosts hated terrorist groups, is openly and purposefully racist, threatens to destroy historic and cultural centers and is addicted to systematic lies, is not in the position to comment on the highly-respected concept of human rights and to prescribe for other independent states.

Reacting to US State Department's annual report on the human rights situation in Iran, Mousavi noted that the US regime has no political, legal and moral credibility to comment on human rights, stating that the regime whose president proudly commands the assassination of the most dignified sons of Iran, and whose accomplices like the Secretary of State and Special Representative for Iran, are disgracefully hosting the most abhorrent anti-Iranian terrorist groups, have nothing to do with the highly respected concept of human rights.

The US government considers itself to be a benchmark for measuring human rights in other countries, with a record full of crimes against humanity and human rights abuses inside and outside the country. Accordingly, many countries in the contemporary world are part of the US government's long list of inhumane acts.

Of course, this kind of behavior that is contrary to international law and even international norms has become a standard way for American statesmen to deal with issues. The question is that what governments claim to defend human rights, and do human rights need such protections?

The years of threats and aggression by the US government on the political, military dimension, economic terrorism, and psychological warfare against the great Iranian nation are enough to make it clear that the White House restores every excuse and tool to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These behaviors have continued to the point that US statesmen are also using the news coverage and psychological impact of the outbreak of coronavirus and the death of human beings as a tool for political gains.

Ali Baqeri Kani, secretary of High Council for Human Rights for the Iranian Judiciary, said at the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council that those countries that sanction drug are not eligible for membership in the human rights council.

"Everyone has the right to access to medicines and its prevention should not go unpunished even during times of war," Baqeri Kani told Swiss' Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis on the sideline of the Geneva meeting, referring to the necessity of proving patients with medical healthcare facilities.

Showing the images of Iranian children suffering from EB disease to the Swish minister, the Iranian official criticized anti-human policies of medicine-sanction by some countries and said that those who sanctioned medicines not only violated human rights but also they are killers of the mankind.

The facts show that America's actions are fraught with double standards, political secrecy and discriminatory and unfair treatment of human rights in the international arena.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his recent remarks at a gathering of poets and Maddahs, referring to the shocking statistics and realities of discrimination, class poverty and crime in the United States stated that today, the United States is the world's most indebted nation with $ 22 trillion in debt, and the class divisions in that country are gruesome and ever greater than the past.

In this regard, the Foreign Ministry spokesman highlighted that a regime whose president speaks openly about racism, defends the religious discrimination with effrontery, views women as an instrument of sensuality, bans other people from traveling to the United States simply because of their religion and race, and despite all international regulations and norms, threatens to destroy the cultural centers of the countries, is an ally of the child-killing Zionist regime and the Saudi regime, is not in a position to prescribe human rights advice for other states.

Written by Jamshid Aminzadeh


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