Borujerd (IP) - Borujerd, a city in Lorestan Province in western Iran, has been selected as the national city of 'Nickel Silver Sheet embossing'.

Iran Press/Iran newsBorujerdi artists, using delicate chisels, and hammering and engraving techniques, have created beautiful and unique metallic works of art from Nickel Silver sheets that can be used to make Samovars, trays, sugar bowls, rose-water sprinklers, etc.

Now, two prominent master artists are professionally engaged in creating beautiful works of Nickel Silver sheet embossing, for which the Lorestan province and the city of Borujerd are famed for.

One of the two master artists, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, described the beauty, intricacy, and attention-to-detail which is an essential part of their work.

Maestro Hossein Raoufiyan, from the city of Borujerd, has been making beautifully-designed and crafted Nickel Silver sheet embossing for about 40 years. He said the origins of the art can be traced back to about 150 years ago. 101/211/218

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