Tehran (IP) - The head of Iran's permanent representation to international organizations in Vienna says the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has no access to the recorded videos of cameras installed in Natanz.

Iran PressEurope: Media sources, quoting the International Atomic Energy Agency, published reports claiming that the agency had installed surveillance cameras at Iran's facilities in Natanz.

Following the statements of the IAEA on the action of the Islamic Republic of Iran in transferring the necessary equipment for the construction of centrifuge components from the Karaj facility to Natanz, this international agency announced the installation of its surveillance cameras in Natanz.

Mohammad Reza Ghaebi, the head of the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to international organizations in Vienna, said: "The International Atomic Energy Agency has no access to the memory information of cameras installed at the centrifuge plant in Natanz, and the relevant information will not be provided to the Agency until Iran resumes the implementation of JCPOA."

Ghaebi added that the report of Rafael Grossi, Director General of the IAEA, was a technical update in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2231, which informs about the latest developments as well as new technical information related to Iran's nuclear activities.

Ghaebi also said Iran informed the IAEA on April 4 that it had transferred all centrifuge production machines in Karaj to Natanz, and on the same day, the IAEA inspectors verified that.

Ghaebi noted that the agency has no access to the memory information of the installed cameras.


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