Tehran (IP) - The Speaker of Iran's parliament stressed the coronavirus outbreak as the top concern of the country and emphasized prevention and diagnosis over treatment.

Iran Press/Iran news: As for diagnosis, the officials of the Ministry of Health should try to use the domestic test kits to perform the diagnosis better so that the people with their COVID-19 tests positive can be quarantined in the fastest time, Mohammad Ghalibaf said.

He pointed to the country's medical personnel's hardworking efforts, and stressed the substitution of new staff, noting that new nurses should be recruited and start working as soon as possible.

Ghalibaf called on people to observe social distancing and other health protocols, expressing that 

With the morale and readiness of the universities and hospitals' heads and the officials of the Ministry of Health, the coronavirus outbreak can be controlled in the next two months. 

The Speaker of Iran's parliament Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf made the remarks in a press conference on Wednesday and on the sidelines of a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Health and the heads of the country's medical universities.