Tehran (IP) - In addition to its distribution in Iranian hospitals, Iranian-produced coronavirus medicine called Remdesivir is also exported to 10 countries around the world.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Reza Mostofi, the executive director of Actoverco, a pharmaceutical company in Iran, said that the distribution of Remdesivir medicine to hospitals has been done in the last month and has played a significant role in improving coronavirus patients.

Mostofi explained that Remdesivir is not a definitive treatment for coronavirus patients, but if it is prescribed at the right time, it can shorten the duration of treatment for coronavirus patients.

The executive director of Actoverco stated that at present, the price of the Iranian Remdesivir drug is about 600,000 tomans, which is much cheaper than the similar foreign drug with the same quality.

It is worth mentioning that the pharmaceutical company Actoverco with two work shifts and the activity of 4,000 employees, in addition to Remdesivir, produces 250 other items of medicine needed for Iran.


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