Commentary (IP) - Over 3,000 Muslims have abandoned their homes in Gurugram of the northern Indian state of Haryana, with the stores shut down out of fear of the extremist Hindus' attacks.

Iran PressCommentary: The evacuation came as 7 people were killed during the clashes in Gurugram. 

Considering the terrible history of attacks on Muslims by extremist Hindus in different parts of India, including in the states of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh and even in New Delhi, the fear of Gurugram Muslims of the reputation is reasonable.

An Indian political expert K. M. Singh Yadav says: "The main question that is raised in the multi-ethnic and religious society of India is, how long should the people of the country remain displaced in their own country; Not only Muslims, but also other minorities are not safe from the extremists' attacks and are always harassed. Especially in the states where the Hindu BJP party holds local power and extremists use it as an opportunity to harass Muslims."

Violence erupted in the Muslim-majority city of Gurugram in Haryana state on July 31 after clashes between Hindu extremists and Muslims. Despite the Indian police forces' efforts to control the chaos, attacks targeting Muslims continue.

But what seems to have made the Muslims of India worry, especially the Muslims of Gurugram, is the failure of the opponents of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cast a vote against him.

Modi's silence against the crimes of extremist Hindus in the northeastern state of Manipur has caused the perception among the Indian people, especially Muslims, that the RSS and Shiv Sena extremist groups attack Muslims with more power and confidence. 

The extremism is going on while the demographic crisis in Manipur continues, and the extremist Hindus do not care about waging a religious war in Gurugram, thus making the Muslim people abandon the city.

Iranian expert in Indian issues Ali Alaee says: "The power of Hindu extremist groups in India is a function of the power of the Bharatiya Janata Hindu Party. Therefore, the failure of the opposition group in the parliament on India to win the vote against Narenda Modi due to his silence to the crimes being perpetrated in Manipur will further embolden the extremist Hindus to keep on their brutalities which itself will make the Indian society get more concerned about the ethic-religious violence from the extremis Hindus' side." 

Nonetheless, throwing stones, burning stores, and demolishing the cemeteries of the Muslims in the poor-inhabited quarters of Gurugram and forcing hundreds of them to abandon their homes and stores does not communicate good messages for such a religiously-ethnically pluralist society as India.

What further contributes to the concerns in the country is PM Narendra Modi's and other Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders' silence to the extremist Hindu's crimes because they fear losing the Hindus' support, especially from RSS and Shiv Seana parties, which in remote areas, villages and small towns, are persuading Hindus to keep on their support for the BJP, prolong its rule in India.

Therefore the Indian nation calls on the Prime Minister and the central government to step in and address the extremist Hindus' case in Haryana State so that peace and security would return to the country since the continuation of ethnic insecurity may bring deleterious consequences to the Indian national security.


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