Zaria (IP) - At least ten worshippers were killed and many others sustained injuries when the Zaria Central Mosque in Nigerian northwestern state of Kaduna collapsed while they were performing prayer on Friday.

Iran PressAfrica: The Emir of Zaria, Alhaji Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli directed for the funeral prayer of all the corpses on Friday in the night at the emir’s palace in the ancient city of Zaria.

Ammar Muhammad Rajab, an eyewitness told Iran Press that the number of the dead could be exceeded since many people stormed the scene for rescue operation. The rescuers were searching for the whereabouts of victims that had been trapped beneath the rubble of the collapsed structure.

Alhaji Ahmad Bamalli said: “We had earlier observed a crack on the wall of the mosque, and were planning to deploy a team of civil engineers to effect repairs when this unfortunate incident happened.”

There have been numerous reports of buildings collapsing and leading to the loss of lives and properties in Nigeria, an incident believed by many people occurs due to poor maintenance, absence of planning permit by the authority and lack of complying with the rules by contractors.


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