Yemen (IP) - Thousands of Sana'a residents marched in condemnation of the US' besieging Yemen and stressed that the US blockade would make them more determined to liberate their territory.

Iran PressMiddle East: In their rally on Sunday, the Yemenis held the US accountable for the war and blockade on their country and called the increased pressures a decision made by the US, which was implemented by its mercenaries. 

In a statement, the demonstrators announced that the policy of keeping the Yemeni people hungry, besieging, and putting pressure on them through economic warfare would only increase the nation's resistance against the US-Saudi coalition.

They considered piracy as a war crime and stressed that the reopening of Sana'a Airport, the port of Al-Hudaidah, and access to medicine and food as their non-negotiable rights.

Based on the statement, the Yemeni nation condemned the UN silence over the Saudi regime's use of blockade on Yemen as war leverage and pointed out that the continuation of the Saudi war would make the Yemenis more determined to liberate their soil from the US mercenaries. 

The people of Sana'a stressed at the end of their statement that Yemeni missile and drone strikes on the Saudi regimes' positions should increase.