Tehran (IP) - In a move to harness the potential of regional organizations, President Ebrahim Raisi has underscored the imperative of tapping into the resources offered by entities such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, and the BRICS group. Speaking in recognition of the diverse and valuable capacities of Iran, the President emphasized that international communication and collaboration serve as catalysts for economic development and growth.

Iran PressIran News: During a meeting with the newly appointed ambassadors representing the Islamic Republic of Iran across nine nations worldwide, President Raisi outlined the pivotal role these diplomats play in fostering the exchange and effective utilization of Iran's capacities while safeguarding the nation's interests on the global stage.

President Raisi's address centered on the commitment of Iran's diplomatic apparatus to operationalize signed documents and agreements established with various countries' leadership. The focus is on Iran's accession to regional organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, and the BRICS. This strategic alignment is envisaged to bolster Iran's global interactions and strengthen its relations with fellow member countries.

By using the potential of these regional organizations, Iran aims to consolidate its position as a significant player in the international arena. The President's emphasis on using the capacities of these groups underscores the nation's intent to broaden its diplomatic horizons and amplify its engagement with key partners. As Iran sets its sights on a future of enhanced collaboration and cooperation, the harnessing of regional frameworks emerges as a pivotal strategy for realizing its economic and geopolitical goals.


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