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Tehran(IP) - The Spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in his weekly Presser held on Monday morning, said that despite the US administration's disloyalties, the train of diplomacy has not derailed in the Vienna talks, and Tehran still hopes for a good agreement.

Iran PressIran news: Saeed Khatibzadeh noted: "First, in response to a question about EU Foreign policy chief Josep Borrell's remarks that we are not far from reaching an agreement in Vienna, and now is the time to resume talks quickly and try to prevent escalation of tensions, and US new sanctions, he said, "The US double standards policy has been clear to everyone for years."

"When you hear the statements of some US officials who want to compensate for the mistake of the Trump administration and be responsible while you see the illegal behavior of the Trump administration in the Biden Administration, it is an indication of double standards. The US administration has caused the international community to distrust it, and for this reason, we must be very careful about the interests and rights of the Iranian people."

Saeed Khatibzadeh went on to stress: "We are ready for a good agreement."

We hope to witness release of Iranian oil shipments in Greece

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed hope that Iran to witness the release of Iranian oil cargo in Greece in practice and has said that the judicial process of Greek oil tankers in Iran is underway.

Khatibzadeh referred to the Greek oil tankers: "The judicial process of Greek oil tankers is underway on the spot. The Greek government, through lawyers, has tried to prepare the documents for the release of the ships. We advised the Greek government to use its legal capacity and I am sure it will follow the legal and judicial path. I hope that in practice we will see the release of Iranian oil cargo, and the way forward will be to maintain bilateral relations and be safe from the intervention of a third factor."

The spokesman also announced that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to pay a visit to Tehran over the next few days.

Iran- Türkiye ties, multi-layered, strategic

Regarding Iranian FM Amir-Abdollahian's visit to Türkiye, he said: "One of the most important issues we have in the region is cooperation with Turkey. We have had one of the most stable relations with Turkey in recent years. The two sides are trying to find a good date. This trip will take place soon."

Iran's spokesman for the Foreign Ministry regarding Türkiye's extensive operations in northern Syria and Iraq: "The sporadic allegations made by the media are not worth answering. Iran- Türkiye relations are good, multi-layered and strategic, but the Syrian case is one of the disputed cases that we tried to resolve as two actors in processes such as the Astana process."

 "At the recent Astana meeting, we said that war is by no means the solution and that Syria's territorial integrity must be preserved, and we made this clear to our friends in Türkiye," the official highlighted.

IAEA should take right path for its ambiguities

International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Grossi told Al-Arabiya that talks with Iran to revive the nuclear deal have reached a deadlock.

Reiterating his recent claims, he said that the International Atomic Energy Agency was trying to clarify some facts in Iran and IAEA had not received any response from Tehran regarding the technical questions it had raised.

Addressing the International Atomic Energy Agency, Saeed Khatibzadeh said that if there were any questions or ambiguities, the right path should be followed.

"Grossi should comment within the framework of his technical duties," Saeed Khatibzadeh said 

He added that the joint statement of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency was written and followed up on March 5 and that if IAEA still has ambiguities and questions, this way is not appropriate.

"Iran tried to proceed the negotiations and conveyed the initiative to the United States through two foreign ministers and set a roadmap and timeline," he said, referring to the initiative presented by Iran.

"If the United States lift all sanctions and acts quickly according to Iran's initiative, the agreement will be finalised soon," he concluded.

New Korean government must show in practice how to repay its debts to Iran

Regarding the payment of South Korea's debt to Iran, he said: "A new government has come to power in Korea and they have made promises, but we have not seen any movement and we are waiting to see the difference between the new government and the government that broke its promise. We give the new Korean government time to show in practice what it is doing to repay its debts."


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