Tehran (IP) - On Thursday morning, one of the agents of recent riots and unrest in Tehran was executed by court order.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohsen Shekari attacked and injured a security guard on duty with a dragger on 25 September and closed off "Satar Khan" street in the capital, Tehran, which caused riot and unrest.

According to the court, Shekari was convicted of the intentional crime of using a cold weapon with the target of killing or injuring a security guard whose duty was to provide public security.

Also, the court's verdict added that the person's act caused chaos and unrest and deprived people of security by blocking the street and disrupting law and order.

He was sentenced to death, and this sentence was executed on Thursday morning.

In recent riots in Iran, dozens of security guards were martyred on duty by rioters who are supported by some western states.

Rioters also damaged and put on fire many governmental centers, banks, public and private businesses, properties, and houses.

People, in many cases, demand a decisive response from the judiciary against rioters and agents whose acts caused chaos and insecurity in the country.


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