Kabul (IP) – The Taliban special forces are in charge of securing Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and dealing with those who disrupt the security and order of the city.

Iran PressAsia: Head of the Kabul Security Police, Mowlavi Noor Ahmad Rabbani, stated in his latest report on the security situation in the Afghan capital on Sunday that a number of security disruptors and criminals had been arrested in Kabul.

Taliban maintain that they are committed to ensuring the security of the Afghan people, and any individual or group that disrupts the security of Afghan citizens will be dealt with.

The Taliban entered Kabul and the Presidential Palace on August 15, 2021, without a fight and then formed a new government, and now all the executive affairs of the country are in their hands.

However, since the group came to power in Afghanistan, parts of the country, such as Kabul and Nangarhar province east of Kabul, have been the scene of terrorist attacks against civilians.


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