Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said that the Syrian people must decide the future of their country without foreign interference, calling Astana talks as the only successful process for solving the Syrian crisis peacefully.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the 6th tripartite summit of the Astana Peace Process held via joint video conferencing with his Russian and Turkish counterparts on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said that the US regime has been putting more inhumane sanctions on Syrian people despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The Iranian President described Astana Peace Process as the only successful process for solving the Syrian crisis peacefully adding that the peace process has had many achievements so far.

He further voiced Iran's support to the Syrian people and their legitimate government.

The President also said that the US regime's illegitimate and inhumane actions will not undermine the friendly bonds of Syria's allies.

The US should understand that what it has not achieved by its military pressure and its support to the terrorist groups cannot be achieved via economic pressure by the punishment of the Syrian people, he noted.

Caesar Act, kind of economic terrorism

"The US regime has imposed new unilateral sanctions called Caesar Act against Syria to achieve its political aspirations to put pressure on the Syrian people. The move (sanction) is a kind of economic terrorism that violates human rights and the sovereignty of nations," President Rouhani said.

He also said the three countries will hold a face-to-face meeting hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran as soon as possible.

US assassinated hero of fight against terrorism

"The United States has martyred the hero of the fight against terrorism," President Hassan Rouhani said in his speech.

"Today we speak with pride in the fight against terrorism, and many sacrifices have been made in this direction. Here I need to name all the martyrs of the fight against terrorism, especially at the head of them Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani," he noted. 

Rouhani added: "The country who claimed to be fighting terrorism, that is, the United States, martyred the hero of the fight against terrorism in the region."

"I emphasize that the fight against terrorism will continue until it is completely eradicated from Syria and the whole region. In this way, while the security and lives of civilians should not be endangered, we should not allow terrorists to use the people as human shields," said the President.

Respect for national sovereignty and the establishment of a stable Syria is inviolable

Rouhani added: "While we are talking about the fight against terrorism, respect to national sovereignty and the establishment of Syria is also an inviolable principle."

"A united, independent Syria, without the illegitimate presence of foreign powers, will not only lead peace after many years but will also contribute to the stability and security of its neighbors," the President highlighted.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Videoconference Summit of the Leaders of the Guarantor States of Astana Process, Hassan Rouhani addressed his Russian and Turkish counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, saying: "I believe the Astana Process, as the only successful process in helping to resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully, has made many achievements, the preservation, and development of which is the duty of the three friendly and neighboring countries as guarantors of this process.

The illegitimate US presence in Syria is a factor in destabilizing the entire region

Rouhani went on to say that the illegitimate presence of the US occupying forces on Syrian soil has become a destabilizing factor for Syria and the entire region.

"The United States is looting Syria's natural resources by increasing illegal military bases in the country's oil-rich areas east of the Euphrates," he added.

Iran condemns occupation of Syrian soil by Zionists

The President added: "It is also necessary to mention the occupation of Syrian soil by Zionists, and we strongly condemn these aggressive actions. The actions of the Zionist regime along with the occupation of the Golan Heights, in addition to violating the sovereignty of Syria, were factors of instability and threats to peace and security in the region, and the consequences will affect the occupier."

The Astana process was launched by Russia, Turkey, and Iran in January 2017, in an effort to bring all warring parties in Syria to the negotiating table as a complementary part of the UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva. 


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