Saudi Aramco hit by 6 drones

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman announced the army's drone strikes on the Saudi Petro-facilities, Aramco in Riyadh.

Iran PressMiddle East: Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari announced on Friday that the Yemeni forces hit Saudi Aramco with six drones. 

The strikes were carried out in retaliation of the Saudi regime's aggression to Yemen, and as long as the attacks and blockade on the Yemeni people continued, the strikes would increasingly continue. 

The Yemeni forces also targeted Abha Airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia last Thursday night.

The Saudi coalition has continued its attacks on different parts of Yemen in recent days due to the advance of Yemeni popular forces in Ma'rib.

With the support of the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and some other countries, Saudi Arabia has been invading and besieging Yemen through land, sea, and air since March 2015.


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