Karaj (IP) - The head of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute said on Monday that the Razi Cov Pars vaccine would be an excellent option as the first injectable-inhaled COVID-19 vaccine of recombinant protein.

Iran PressIran News: Dr. Ali Eshaqi, in a press conference held this morning at the unveiling of the Razi Cov Pars vaccine as the first injectable-inhaled vaccine of recombinant COVID-19 protein, added: “The vaccine produced by the Razi Institute of Iran does not contain any additional elements other than the ingredients required for the vaccine, and the media should assure the audience that the vaccine produced does not contain any negative points."

The head of the Razi Institute of Iran said: "The 96-year experience is the backbone of the Razi Cov Pars vaccine production, and this vaccine must pass the relevant tests."

Dr. Ali Eshaqi added: "Razi Institute, for the production of corona vaccine, operates on two platforms, so far the clinical results on animals have been satisfactory."

The head of the Razi Institute of Iran said that for the Razi Cov Pars vaccine's clinical trial, the Research Ethics Committee's approval had been obtained on January 17 of this year.

Dr. Ali Eshaqi added: "Currently, Razi Cov Pars vaccine has been prepared for human injection, which will begin with the issuance of a license by the Food and Drug Administration of Iran."

The head of the Razi Institute of Iran concluded: "To identify the candidates for injection of the Razi Cov Pars vaccine, a section has been considered in the information base of the Razi Institute of Iran, and the injection candidates can register on that site."


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