Islamabad (IP) - Pakistani scholars believe that the reason behind insults to sanctity is the frustration of extremists, which the unity of Muslims will prevent.

Iran PressAsia: Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Maulana Tahir Ashrafi called the reason behind the Holy Quran desecration "frustration." He told Iran Press reporter that Islam has so much power in its righteousness that more and more people are becoming Muslims.

Despite the frustration of extremists, the Muslim community remains unified. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) maintains a steadfast stance. It is hoped that all 57 Islamic nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Türkiye, Qatar, Kuwait, and others, will collaborate toward implementing global laws. Tahir Ashrafi is confident that this goal is attainable. 

He expressed hope that achieving global law will happen in the near future. 

"Extremists neither respect human rights nor freedom of opinion," said Tahir Ashrafi calling extremists' actions "brutal."

He added that the most significant terrorists globally are those who burn holy books like the Quran, Bible, Torah, or Psalms and disrespect Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As such, European countries and the rest of the world must take a stand against global terrorism. 

The chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), Qibla Ayaz, shared with Iran Press that it is apparent that extremists' insults to sanctities are called by certain groups "freedom of opinion." Still, they must be told that Muslims respect and value their sanctity.

"Freedom of speech is not insulting the sanctities and hurting people's feelings," said Ayaz. 

Muslims in Europe should strive to raise their voice from within the community and engage with individuals who prioritize the common good and oppose extremist ideologies.

According to Ayaz, if Muslims believe in their influence and communicate with their political representatives, the extremist group supporting the violent ideology could be influenced and persuaded to change their ways. 


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