Kano (IP) - An anti-Israeli rally organized by a coalition of amalgamated Islamic organizations, held in Kano State, in Nigeria.

Iran PressAfrica: The People of Nigeria on Saturday once again called on President Bola Ahmad Tinubu to immediately expel the Israeli ambassador and cut all diplomatic relations with the Israeli regime. Hundreds of people took part in the rally holding flags of Palestine and photos of Israeli terrorism.

Female Islamic scholar, Malama Rabi Muhammad burst into tears while speaking for the people.

Fatima Garba Yusuf one of the participants in the rally in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said that if the Nigerian Government is truly democratic, the leaders should listen to the demands of citizens and cut off relations with Israel.

"As you can see here, we are standing amidst multiple supporters of Palestine. I would like to call the Nigerian Government that if Nigeria is a democratic nation, then they should accept the demands of the people. We have seen an example from South Africa where members of the parliament voted and kicked out the Israeli ambassador. We also call on the Nigerian Government to kick out the Israeli ambassador and cut off all relations with the murderous state.

Amina Muhammad Abdullahi Faringani, head of Faringani Charity Foundation, a non-governmental organization that makes campaigns for boycotting American/Israeli products in Nigeria, also burst into tears when Iran Press asked her to talk about the Gaza genocide in an exclusive interview. "In the name of Allah. People of Palestine! We are sorry, we are so sorry," (then she burst into tears) and couldn't talk anymore.

Sheikh Sanusi Abdulkadir Koki, representative of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Kano State said the failure of the United Nations to take serious actions against the Israeli regime, means the United Nations has been destroyed.

"It is clear that the whole world is waiting to see what the United Nations will do against the oppression of the Israeli regime towards the Palestinians." Failure to punish Israel immediately means the United Nations has been destroyed and every country can do any atrocities in a lawless world. Therefore, the United Nations must take serious action to stop Israel's war crimes and punish the criminal regime immediately. This is my message to the United Nations."

Sheikh Sham'oun Sheikh Musa Ali Gabari, leader of Sunni Sufi Muslim youths of Nigeria and also chairman of the Free Palestine rally committee in an exclusive interview with Iran Press has expressed happiness about the unity of Muslims against America and Israel.

"As I said earlier, this rally is successful because we have seen our brothers in one place under one umbrella despite our differences. We managed to have meetings of Muslims from different schools of thought and we are united towards supporting Palestine. We thank Allah, the rally is successful."


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