Tehran (IP) - Iranian President has emphasized that next year's budget is designed specifically to resist US sanctions.

Iran Press/Iran news: "The 2020 budget is standing against sanctions. This budget tells the world that we will run the country despite the sanctions," President Hassan Rouhani said in his remarks in the parliament.

Speaking at a public session of the parliament, the President Rouhani, while submitting the 2020 budget bill, stressing that the signs and estimates indicate that 'the economy without oil' is positive this year.

He said, "While our enemies, the Americans, and the Zionists thought that with the severe sanctions imposed on Iran, they will make the nation unable to construct the country but they become disappointed."

The government has made significant strides in the macro-economy over the past 9 months. Point to point Inflation from 52% has decreased to 27%, and our estimates are that this year's economy without the oil will be positive, the president noted.

 "Our enemies sought to destroy our economy, which failed," he said.

"For the first time last year, we were able to increase our production in the South Pars compared to Qatar, while in the year 2013 our production was half that of Qatar.

"We were producing 70,000 barrels a day at the West Karun border oilfields but now we produce 355,000 barrels a day, which means that our production has increased dramatically," he said.

The open session of the parliament chaired by Ali Larijani, the Speaker of the parliament, is attended by 195 members.

The open session will address the 2020 budget bill amounting to 484,000 billion tomans, presented in 19 volumes.


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