Tehran(IP): The head of the Iran-Tajikistan parliamentary friendship group said a strong coalition had been formed in the region around Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi noted: "After the Islamic Revolution, a valuable effort was made to revive religious beliefs, and today a strong coalition of like-minded countries is present in the West Asian region around Iran and has a cordial and sincere relationship with Iran."

At the conference called "Perspectives on Iran-Tajikistan Relations" at the ECO Cultural Organization, Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi emphasized: "Perhaps the revival of our relations with Tajikistan and Afghanistan has not been considered as it should be."

" These three countries share the same language and history and culture, but after the developments of the 1980s, a convergence emerged in the countries of East Asia, but perhaps that missing part of our foreign policy is the revival of historical, civilizational, linguistic and cultural ties.", he added.

The member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the parliament also said: "Tajikistan is a lost part of the book of our culture, pages that if are not placed next to Iran, both our history and culture and the culture and history of Tajikistan are incomplete; The same is true of Afghanistan."

Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi in the Iran-Tajikistan Friendship Group in the parliament reassured: "We intend to visit Tajikistan in the next few months and invite Tajik friends to Shiraz in May or June use this capacity to revive bilateral relations.

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