Tehran(IP) - Iran's 15th edition of Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Awards closing ceremony was held on Jan. 14, 2023, with announcing the winners.

Iran PressIran News: The Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Award is an Iranian literary award presented annually since 2008. Every year, an award is given to the best Iranian authors on the birth anniversary of the renowned Persian writer Jalal Al-e Ahmad.

Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, some literary figures, activists, and the winners, attended the ceremony.

Earlier, Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute’s CEO Ali Ramezani elaborated on the nominees and their works of art. A total of 2,600 literary works, from 856 publishers, were submitted to the secretariat of the event.

In the literary criticism section, ‘Watch Narration’, ‘Literary Self-criticism’, and ‘An Introduction to Comparative Literature’ are competing with each other. Competing works in Documentation Section are ‘Here Is Syria’, ‘Autumn Came’, ‘Baha’i Political Organization’, ‘Aqileh’, and ‘Battle of Canyons’.

Three books, ‘President’s Driver’, Goorgom and Other Stories, and ‘Love Virus’ are competing in the short story section. In the novel section, ‘Black Giveh’, ‘Silent Figures’, ‘Faces’, and ‘Azrael’ will compete against each other.

Jalal Al-Ahmad Literary Award wraps up with 2700 works submitted

CEO of Iran's Book and Literature Home Institute says literary criticism, short stories, novels, and documentaries in the current [Iranian] year have grown in terms of quality and quantity.

Delivering a speech in the closing ceremony of the 15th edition of Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Awards on Jan. 14, 2023, Ali Ramezani referred to the 2,700 submitted works to the secretariat, and he said that the works were judged in an intensive process.

Ramazani said the event had two special sections, where published works about Martyr Qasem Soleimani and the defenders of health in the campaign against the coronavirus pandemic were also evaluated, and the best works of the past three years were honored after being evaluated. 

Referring to Jalal Al Ahmad himself, Ramezani said: "We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jalal Al-e Ahmad's book 'Westernisation'."

He called Jalal a well-traveled man who had visited the important intellectual poles of the world, like Washington, Moscow, the former Soviet Union, Jerusalem, and Mecca, then he had written the effect of Westernization, and said: "That is why his work should be reread in the current era of our country."



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