The French foreign minister said Friday that “it’s not up to Israel to determine the future of Gaza, which is Palestinian land."

Iran PressEurope: Catherine Colonna commented on the extremist racist statements made by two ministers in the Israeli government in which they called for relocating the people of the Gaza Strip to another country and constructing settlements there.

“Such calls are irresponsible and keep us away from a solution. We need to return to the principle of international law and respect it.”

Colonna affirmed that such statements also conflict with Israel's long-term interests, stressing her support for the two-state solution.

"Gaza is a Palestinian land that wants to become part of the future Palestinian state. We support the two-state solution, which is the only viable option, Gaza and the West Bank together must be part of the future Palestinian state", she added.

"Civilians are not responsible for crimes, and must be protected."


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