Tehran (IP) - The IT minister in today’s session of the parliament stated that the Leader has strongly emphasized on protecting the people's privacy in domestic messengers.

Iran PressIran News: In today's public session of the Parliament , the national question was raised by Mojtaba Rezakhah, Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani and a number of other representatives from the Minister of Communications and Information Technology regarding the measures taken by the Ministry to develop the national information network.

Esa Zarepour added: No one has the right to access people's information on internal platforms. Last week, the head of the judiciary announced  that according to Article 25 of the Constitution, no one has the right to access people's information. Therefore, to protect people's data, we have prepared a bill that will be sent to the parliament soon.

Referring to the various capabilities of internal platforms, Zarepour stated: Audio and video communication has been made possible in internal social networks, and soon people will be able to call on landlines as well and we are trying to meet all the needs of people on these platforms.

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The Minister of Communications and Information Technology went on to say that In order to support businesses, it has been stated that there is no need to obtain a license when business enters join the internal platform. Also, it has been emphasized that the business and Small household jobs that do not have a history of paying taxes will be exempted from tax for up to two years.



Stating that people are joining internal platforms daily, he said: In one day, we have seen 17 million users joined the internal platform, and in an internal program, more than 35 million users used it monthly. Domestic Internet traffic has increased from 40 to 60 compared to foreign networks, and this is the first time that domestically produced traffic has been doubled.

Regarding the support of internet businesses, Zarepour explained that regulation has been prepared in this field, which foresees more than 30 types of support for domestic businesses and platforms, and its implementation measures will start soon.


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